MAUSER PERUVIAN MODEL 1935 - C32648. 30.06; 95% blue, excellent bore, very good stock, 23.3'' barrel, FN 1935 Peruvian Mauser .30-06 caliber carbine.


Because of setbacks brought on by Wilhelm Mauser's death, they failed to have the design completed by 1882, and the German Rifle Test Commission (Gewehr-Prüfungskommission) was formed. [citation needed] The commission preferred to create their own design.

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The invention of smokeless powder in the late 19th century immediately rendered all of the large-bore black powder rifles then in use obsolete. After the shock of the French Lebel, the Germans put the Gewehr Prufungs Kommission (Rifle Testing Commission) at the Spandau Arsenal to work designing a new rifle. Initially, it was suggested to just rework the existing 71/84 to a smaller-caliber smokeless round, but this was overridden by a desire to get a quantum leap ahead of the French and their tubular magazine Lebel. Pre-WW1 Commission/Gewehr 88/05 Rifle 1890 Steyr 8mmx57 SKU: $345.00. $345.00. Unavailable per item Here is an old early import German Commission 88 Rifle with a lot of history. Manufactured in 1890 by Steyr in Austria it is an Antique and can ship to anyone without an FFL. This one no The Gewehr 88 (commonly called the Model 1888 Commission Rifle) was a late 19th century German bolt-action rifle, adopted in 1888.

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Media Commission Gewehr 88 cutaway diagram Commission Gewehr 88 cutaway diagram. Commission Gewehr 88. Commission Gewehr 88 cutaway diagram. Previous. Next. Be the first to comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Comment. Name * Email * Website.

Watch. S p o n s o r e d. Part of the problem with 1888 Commission bolts came from what the British did when they went into Turkey after the war. Instead of confiscating the rifles, they merely took and discarded the bolts.

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Commission Rifle is dedicated to photographes and discussion of the historical significance of 1888 Commission System Rifles: Gewehr 88, Karabiner 88, & Gewehr 91, and the Imperial German soldiers who were armed with them from inception in 1888 to the end of Imperial Germany in 1918. By the beginning of the First World War in 1914, most of the Line Regiments had been equipped with the Gewehr

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----- Please check out and support the people who help make this channel possible: BUD Hello, guys. A few days ago, I purchased this nice Gewehr 88(/05?) for $40.00 at a flea market. I noticed that there are quite a bit of markings, and they are decently visible. Ive done some searching on the internet, but I havent found any conclusive information regarding this rifle. If anyone c The German Ersatz (substitute) type Bayonets were constructed during the early years of WWI and were designed to fit both the Gewehr 88 (M1888 Commission Rifle) and Gewehr 98 (M98 Mauser Gewehr 98) German rifles. The commission preferred to create their own design.
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Åtskilliga memorial, resolutioner och skrivelser i militära organisationsfrågor, uppdragna åt en kommission;  Kommissionen, som rannsakade och dömde i ofvannämnda mål . » 203.

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Shooting and discussing the G88 Commission Rifle. ----- Please check out and support the people who help make this channel possible: BUD

Ted Szajer, owner of L. A. Guns here. We are located at 9028 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, California 90069, (310) 246– 9354 ( )  armeria < ex ordinanza < armi lunghe. MAUSER COMMISSION GEWEHR 88 CAL.8X57 LOEWE BERLIN 1890.

Commission Rifle is fortunate to have another nice example of an Ersatz French Gras Mle 1874 bayonet posted here for our enjoyment. This is the second example to grace these web pages since the other fine example posted by peter8805 this past April. These were modified for use with Gewehr 88 rifles. Click here for that thread.

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^ 22.0 22.1 R. Bester, Boer Rifles and Carbines of the Anglo-Boer War , War Museum of the Boer Republics, Bloemfontein, 1994 (See also Wessels 2000 ,第80页). So much so that the Gewehr-Prufungs-Kommission (GPK - Rifle Testing Commission) at Spandau Gewehrfabrik was ordered to design a smokeless powder rifle posthaste. The result was the Infanteriegewehr 88, Germany's first magazine-fed infantry rifle.